3 New Sports to Try With Your Dog

Finding the motivation to get up and exercise can be difficult. And chances are, if you’re not exercising, neither is your dog. Studies have shown that over 50% of dogs in the US are overweight. Overweight dogs are put at a higher risk for a number of diseases including diabetes. Getting active is an important way for both you and your pooch to live long healthy lives. Check out these little-known, exciting dog sports that will get you and your best work-out buddy active.


Simply put, canicross is a cross between “canine” and “cross-country”. While this may sound like a fancy way of saying “taking your dog for a run”, there are a lot more variables involved. Canicross originated in the UK, and in recent years has been taking a hold of the US dog sports scene. A harness around the owner’s waist is attached to a harness worn by the dog. This exercise promotes teamwork between owner and dog.


shutterstock_465877031Disc Dog

Disc dog at it’s most basic is the act of the owner throwing a disc, the dog catching it and returning it. There are different variations and levels of competition from freestyle to professional divisions. Disc dog is one of the most up and coming sports in the dog sports community. With a thriving Bay Area chapter, disc dog welcomes all who are interested in becoming involved.



Similar to canicross, bikejoring comes from the UK and relies on a harness attaching bike and dog. This activity depends on your dog knowing when to pull and when to heel. This sport is only ideal for well-trained dogs. Also like canicross, bikejoring is an engaging way to get active and build teamwork with your dog. Bikejoring is a great fun way to explore local trails in a new way.


Being able to have your dog as your #1 workout buddy is a great opportunity to maintain your health. Unfortunately, if your dog is misbehaved or untrained, you might find it difficult to enjoy these sports. Check out our last blog post on relationship-based training and call our training specialists at (408) 831-6433 or fill out our Free Evaluation Form to see how we can help improve your dog’s behavior so you can get out there and play!