Brody Brody



The staff at the Dog House Inn are amazing. My dog had issues with being extremely reactive on a leash. It was to the point where I could no longer take my dog on walks due to his behavior. He scared many owners/dogs and it was embarrassing too. I knew he would not attack but he sure sounded like he wanted to kill every dog on a leash. But my Brody was the sweetest 100 pound doberman but he was definitely out of control.

I was at my end with dumping money on training and I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on trying to correct him.  I bought the top package and it was well worth it. My dog has become the dog that I wanted. Now my walks are a breeze and I don’t worry that he will react.

The trainers first meeting with me put me to ease and I knew they were going to help. Their one on one meetings with me have worked tremendously. The way I handle my dog on walks, to reading his behavior, and using their corrective techniques…WORKS!! No more reactions from him now….I take him on walks everywhere and no outbursts.

If you have dog like mine and you are at your end….the trainers here are awesome. Great trainers with Brody and I. I am so happy and pleased with Brody’s results. Thanks again!! –

Maria, March 2014