Buster Buster


English Bulldog

I have an English Bulldog, Buster, who I adopted through the Northern CA Bulldog Rescue in 2004. Without any prior history on him, I found out quickly that Buster was dog aggressive. We spent many dollars on specialized classes through private trainers and the SF/SPCA. None of the classes helped to control Buster’s aggression.

After seeing an episode of The Dog Whisperer, I knew that I needed to find a trainer who utilized the same methods of “Dog Psychology” to help Buster, especially since his aggression was becoming worse and he was starting to bite people. Doing a Google search, I was able to find Sherry Boyer and the Dog Behavior Rehab program.

Sherry and her staff all worked diligently and patiently with Buster for a month, then an extra 2 weeks at another time, in order to make sure Buster was going to be a good boy when he came home.  I saw remarkable results with Buster!  His aggression has really decreased, not just because they trained Buster, but Sherry and the staff mostly trained ME on how to deal with him!  Thanks Dog Behavior Rehab and The Dog House Inn!!!

Kristy G., San Francisco CA