diesel Diesel



A big thanks you to Dog Behavior Rehab/Dog House In. Our Lab had some serious anxiety followed by high energy. Even though we love her, her improvement is much appreciated around the house. Thanks to Alex (our dog trainer) he was able to get Diesel to a calmer state of mind, along with other skills.

I am a mom to an 11 month old baby. Before Alex worked with Diesel, I was unable to walk her by myself- being that Diesel walked me. After working with Alex, I am proud to say she now walks perfect on a leash. Last he taught her “place”, this command has been my lifesaver at home. Before Alex worked with Diesel- I could never be on the floor with the baby without her right in my face. Now, I simply point to her dog bed (as Diesel knows it – “place”) she will walk over sit down and stay until I excuse her. Overall we are pleased with the experience and look forward to boarding our dogs there in the future.

Sydney K 4/14/2015