Best dog parks around San Jose CA

7 Dog Parks Near San Jose To Beat The Backyard Monotony

Taking a walk around the block is becoming tedious. Letting your dog out in the backyard is boring for both of you. If you and your dog are tired of the same old activities at the same old places, check out these seven great dog parks around San Jose. Your best friend will thank you!

Kirigin Cellars

29 miles from Downtown San Jose


This winery boasts 11 beautiful acres to relax and play with your four-legged friend. Well-trained dogs are allowed to roam off-leash, giving you the freedom enjoy your time with your best friend to the fullest. Ample open space and beautiful scenery make Kirigin Cellars a favorite location for dog competitions held by the prestigious American Kennel Club.

Watson Dog Park

2.5 miles from Downtown San Jose

Watson dog park in San Jose California

Located near downtown San Jose, this expansive dog park is a great place for both you and your dog to socialize. Separate play areas for small and large breeds ensure a safe, fun and worry-free time for you and your pet. All play areas at Watson Dog Park are enclosed so you can lose the leash and your dog can run free.

Almaden Quicksilver County Park

18 miles from Downtown San Jose


This county park is a rich display of California history. More than 34 miles of dog-friendly hiking trails give you a glimpse into two hundred years of mining workmanship all while you and your dog experience miles of beautiful nature and wildlife. Leashes are required along with proof that your pooch is licensed.

Roy M. Butcher Dog Park

7 miles from Downtown San Jose

Butcher Dog Park San Jose California

The Roy M. Butcher Dog Park is a favorite of San Jose locals. The park staff and the pet owners who frequent the park are dedicated to providing the dogs with a clean friendly environment to socialize. The park is set up with two enclosures covered with astroturf and a fully stocked clean up area. With all kinds of activities for your pup, Butcher Dog Park will provide you and your friend with hours of enjoyment.

Morgan Hill Dog Park

22 miles from Downtown San Jose/em>


Just outside San Jose, in Morgan Hill, is a facility that owners and dogs will equally enjoy. Shade structures and trees located all around the two acres of park create a relaxing environment for you to watch your dog play and socialize.

Sue & Dick Levy Dog Park

8.5 miles from Downtown San Jose


While this dog park does require a paid membership, it is open every day of the year and its unique amenities make it a must see. This park, located at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley’s Animal Community Center, is equipped with separate areas for small and large breeds, play pools, and hilly terrain. Your dog will enjoy the variety of things to do, just as much as you will.

Coyote Creek Trail

8 miles from Downtown San Jose


Transformed from an unused rail corridor, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has turned this piece of history into a unique adventure for you and your dog. The trail is flanked on one side by the creek it is named after, and dotting the trail you’ll find picnic areas to rest and relax while you explore this stunning stretch of the best scenery San Jose has to offer.


Dog parks are a great way to get outside and explore with your best friend, but if your dog isn’t properly trained, or has behavior issues, dog parks might seem like they are out of the question for you. Dog Behavior Rehab specializes in relationship-based training that is sure to have your dog park-ready in no time. Fill out our Free Evaluation Form or give one of our training specialists a call today! (408) 831-6433