Ellie Ellie


German Shepard mix

Please accept this letter of commendation for David Valenzuela and the exceptional work he did with me and my dog Ellie.  Although I found Alex to be extremely knowledgable and passionate about his work, I mostly communicated with David, so this letter will focus on him.

One of David’s most remarkable traits is his strong communication skills.  From our first conversation, David was very empathetic about my doggie issues, reassuring that Dog Behavior Rehab would work, and patient and thorough in answering my countless questions.  Ellie had only stayed overnight with family members before, so we were nervous about the board & train program.  But after speaking to David, he instilled confidence that we were doing the right thing and she would be in great hands.  While Ellie was away, David was prompt in answering my texts, emails & calls and consistently reassured me that he was always available to talk about Ellie.  Also, he sent and posted pictures and videos so I could follow her progress.  During all our communication, David strikes the perfect balance between humor and professionalism.  His excellent sense of humor put me at ease and gave some lightness to dog training (other dog trainers have been so serious/condescending in the past).  David made the board & train process super comfortable and even fun for us.

A second exemplary trait of David’s is his work ethic and integrity.  David decided to keep Ellie longer than we had originally planned since she needed a little more training.  In addition, he has insisted that they will continue to work with Ellie and me until we feel our problems are ameliorated.  It is clear David wants to continually grow as a trainer and apply new skills to all of his dog clients.

We have been back home for 5 days and the change in Ellie has been miraculous!  I am following David & Alex’s instructions, and Ellie is way calmer and barely barks!  She used to guard the house constantly & very vocally, so the change is huge.

I am extremely grateful to Dog Behavior Rehab and the Dog House Inn for all of their work with Ellie.  You have a very special program there, and a particularly dedicated, personable employee in David Valenzuela.  He made the trek from Berkeley to Gilroy well worth it!

Sara Dornisch & Jim Bogios, December 2014