Should I get another dog?

Should I Get Another Dog – Will It Help?

What Will Happen If You Get Another Dog

Is your current dog misbehaving? Are you are thinking you should get another dog to help with your current dog’s behavior? All I can say is, “DON’T DO IT”.  We get calls every week from people who got another dog to “fix” the one they already had.

Getting another dog generally does not work and then there are two dogs with behavior problems instead of one.

The new dog will learn from the old dog, so it’s double the trouble. We always recommend that the first dog be trained until its behavior problems are resolved, before ever considering getting another dog. Once the problems have been taken care of, then you can consider adding a new pack member.

If you already have two dogs because you thought another one would help, and are experiencing behavior issues that have not resolved, we can help. We are experienced in helping you with training both of them, and can give you sound advice so that you can keep your pups, yourself, and your family happy!

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