Kiwi Kiwi


Border Collie/Labrador mix

This place is awesome!

They are so knowledgeable in dog behavior and so confident and accessible. I have no doubt we’ve found the support we needed in dealing with our 7 month border collie/lab mix, Kiwi, who is, or should I say, used to be, so sweet at home but very unpredictable on walks. She had some serious fear related aggression issues and only two days after coming back home we feel like we have a different dog.

The trainers helped us establish a line of communication with Kiwi and finally we speak the same language! She walks politely and secure now, with no signs of aggression whatsoever and she is her same mellow self at home.

We are so impressed by what they accomplished in such a short amount of time. The facility is impressive also and the whole team seems to understand our needs and relate to it, wanting to help and listen for as long as we need to talk! We feel we can reach for help whenever we need. We are very happy with Kiwi and looking forward to seeing our older dog, Bugsy, when he comes home from his training stay.

I would certainly recommend this place to anyone with dog issues!

Mariana, March 2014