Molly Molly


Boxer Mix

We took our boxer mix, Molly, to the team at the Dog House Inn and Dog Behavior Rehab because we were at the end of our rope. Molly had had several run-ins with other dogs, including an incident which caused the other dog to need a trip to the vet to get a staple behind its ear. While we had taken Molly to other training shortly after we adopted her, we realized that was not enough and we needed to either get her more training or try to find her a new home. Based on the feedback we got from shelters, finding her a new home was not possible, and many of the trainers we approached essentially told us she was a lost cause.

We knew that Molly was essentially a good dog but had trouble controlling herself, so we didn’t want to give up on her that easily, so we kept searching and eventually found the Dog House Inn. We took Molly down for an evaluation with their trainers, and they very quickly recognized that Molly’s issue was just that she gets too excited, and when she does she loses control. Based on Molly’s history we ended up doing a 15-day training with additional time for behavior modification. Ultimately she stayed there for about 21 days.

Boy what a difference! Molly returned to us much more relaxed and well-behaved. We also got some of the people training we needed to help us effectively recognize and correct her residual behavioral issues so we could jump in earlier and make sure she didn’t get out of control. They made sure we were up to date on Molly’s progress throughout the training process, sending us emails and posting pictures and videos to Facebook.

Dave M., May 25,  2014