Some “Old” Dogs Might Need a Dog Trainer!

dog trainer

Moxie and one of her dog trainer “boyfriends,” Alex

This is Moxie, with one of her favorite “boyfriends,” our dog trainer Alex. She came in for training all the way from San Francisco. Her owner was looking for a dog trainer who understood energetic pit bull mixes, and who could help her learn to be with other dogs safely. Now Moxie stays at our dog boarding facility, The Dog House Inn, whenever her people go out of town.  She’s a great fun loving gal, and does beautifully with other dogs.

Moxie came to us when she was around 3 years old. Well past the puppy stage.  You’ll hear people say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” a lot. It’s simply not true. Try telling our dog trainers that- they would laugh at you! That would be like telling humans that they can’t learn new things after a certain age.

The majority of the dogs that we get for basic and behavioral training are 18 months and over… with most being over 3 years when they come in.  We have many dogs that come to us over the age of 5.  And several that have come in over the age of 8.

Of course, it’s easiest to train puppies to live in our world, but don’t be fooled. Even puppies, after going through some dog training, can learn new bad habits, and they have to go back to “school” again. Don’t fret, this is completely normal. Imagine if we sent our own human kids to school, once a week for 8 weeks ONE TIME, and then let them make stuff up without more schooling? Right.

We tend to see a LOT of dogs that start showing behavior issues around the age of 18 months.  Most dog trainers will tell you how common this is. It’s like adolescence for dogs – you know, the equivalent of the pre-teen and young teenager years for humans. So don’t be surprised when your cute cute puppy, who you took to puppy training classes early on, starts exhibiting juvenile delinquent-like behaviors around the age of 16-20 months. When it STARTS happening is when you want to call a dog trainer.

Don’t wait until your dog has had a chance to practice their bad behaviors.  BUT, even if you have waited, thinking their weird new habits would magically go away, there is help!!!  Remember, you CAN train an older dog.  We do, all the time. Call your knowledgeable dog trainers at Dog Behavior Rehab today!!! 408-831-6433


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