Real World Training Ride

Our Real World Training Ride

Keep an eye out around town for our new real world training van! Our trainers will be driving our Board and Train dogs around to practice real world situations: in pet stores, at the park, and all of the different distractions that you and your dog may meet when you are out in the real world.

Why Conduct Real World Training?

Once your dog has learned their commands, we “proof” them on heavy distractions, just like they will encounter when they go back home to you. Proofing means that we start to introduce more and more distractions under command, and the dog becomes more and more reliable. We take our training dogs into hardware stores, pet stores, feed stores, parks, cafes with outdoor seating, the Gilroy Outlets for great people distraction, outside of the dog park (never in! – that’s a topic for another post!), and other great places with lots of distractions. Besides, it’s just plain fun to get out in the real world and train some dogs! When you see us out and about, be sure to say hi!

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