Should I muzzle my dog?

Should I Use A Muzzle On My Dog?

Many of us have asked this very question. Should I use a muzzle on my dog? After having many dogs in for rehab that could be a danger to people and animals out in the world, I thought a bit of muzzle talk is important. I believe that muzzles keep the dog safe and that it’s my job to ensure that they are protected from whatever their antisocial behavior might be. When a dog is wearing a muzzle, most people tend to give it a safe distance.

Without the muzzle you may run the risk of encountering the, “but, every dog loves me” nightmare person who won’t listen when you tell them that your dog isn’t very friendly. If your dog is aggressive to dogs or other animals, your muzzle can literally be a lifesaver if you encounter a loose dog or unexpected animal. A basket muzzle is preferred over a tight fitting cloth muzzle for outdoor walks and activities. With a basket muzzle your dog can pant and drink water easily. Cloth muzzles are better if the dog is being physically handled and might bite in protest.

Of course, as always, it is our goal to help you train your dog so this is no longer necessary, however we wish you safe walking in the meantime!

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