Tulsa Tulsa


Chocolate Labrador

Everyone at Dog Behavior Rehab is absolutely amazing. Tulsa, my five-year-old chocolate lab, just returned home after a 5-week stay for behavior aggression problems. She was only signed up for the 15-day program, but before her original stay was even over the trainers said that they would like to keep working with her because they had faith that she would continue to progress.

My boyfriend had just recently gotten a black lab puppy named Brody, and wanted to sign him up for training to get him started on the right foot (after having Tulsa we wanted to make sure we socialized him from the beginning in the best way possible). We contacted them right away, asking advice on how to make it easiest on both of them and the best direction to go. They were so accommodating and signed Brody up right away, even keeping him an extra few days to make sure that the two of them got socialization together.

The trainers made sure that I had a cell phone number and told me to use it as often as I needed. They were great about returning texts and checking in on the dogs during their stay. She has continued to help us adjust to at-home life as well, quickly responding to emails and any questions and concerns I have had. Tulsa has a completely different demeanor already after only being home for a few days, and she is doing great.

Although it is still a day-by-day process to continue working on her socialization with other dogs, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the training she received and can’t wait for our follow up training sessions with the Dog Behavior Rehab program.
Patrice O., March 2014