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Should I Get Another Dog – Will It Help?

What Will Happen If You Get Another Dog Is your current dog misbehaving? Are you are thinking you should get another dog to help with your current dog’s behavior? All I can say is, “DON’T DO IT”.  We get calls every week from people who got another dog to “fix” the one they already had. Getting […]

Our Real World Training Ride

Keep an eye out around town for our new real world training van! Our trainers will be driving our Board and Train dogs around to practice real world situations: in pet stores, at the park, and all of the different distractions that you and your dog may meet when you are out in the real world. […]

Tips to Exercise With Your Dog

Every summer, and of course on January 1st, we see people getting back out to exercise. This is usually because the weather is beautiful, or to make sure those New Year’s resolutions are met.  And then, before you know it, hobbling and sore muscles abound. Often the family dog is included in the sudden need […]

My Dog Is A Rescue

Let’s stop using the “my dog is a rescue and was abused” excuse please! One of the most interesting things we see with “rescue” dogs is that they are often not moved up to “rescued” status. So many people hang on to the story of how the dog used to be, sometimes even guessing, without […]

Should I Use A Muzzle On My Dog?

Many of us have asked this very question. Should I use a muzzle on my dog? After having many dogs in for rehab that could be a danger to people and animals out in the world, I thought a bit of muzzle talk is important. I believe that muzzles keep the dog safe and that […]

Tick Season Is No Joke For Dogs!

Tick season is never far off in California. After a nice walk today we found a tick strolling across the floor in our family room. Now I can’t stop imagining things crawling on me– one of my favorite things about the human mind! Peak tick encounters in Northern California are usually from the end of November […]