Wilson Wilson


Wire-haired Fox Terrier

This testimonial is to acknowledge and thank the Dog Behavior Rehab Clinics and Training Programs, and Sherry Boyer and her staff at the Dog House Inn for all their recent help with our dogs. Our Wire-haired Fox Terrier ‘Wilson’ was having a variety of problems that included barking and running the fence line or along the indoor windows when he would see other dogs; jumping up on people during walks or visits; barking due to separation anxiety when we would have to leave him alone at the house; and general loneliness from the loss of our previous companion Ridgeback dog ‘Boetie’.

Anticipating that we would be getting another Ridgeback puppy, we enrolled Wilson in Dog Behavior Rehab’s immersion program at the Dog House Inn. The staff posted daily photos and videos of Wilson’s progress so we could follow his adventures both at the facility, at other places “on tour,” and at the beach. These photos showed a changed dog! His behavior was controlled, and he was very happy and eager to please and participate. We of course were concerned whether these new-found assets would transfer to our home where he would be confronted by his previous distractions.

When we picked up Wilson after his “boot-camp” experience, the trainers spent much time with us in showing exactly the cues and behaviors on our part that were needed to continue to reinforce Wilson’s behavior. During this period, we did get a new female Ridgeback puppy “Makeba” and it is much to the Staff’s credit that Wilson has been able to help train Makeba in appropriate home-behaviors. Meanwhile, the various problems and issues that we had experienced with Wilson were now fully abated! He no longer runs the fence line and barks; or if he does, he immediately stops upon us calling to him. He also shows no separation anxiety. He and Makeba are already close companions, and he joins her in various puppy-socialization events at Dog House Inn. Makeba is learning many new things thanks to the Pre-School Puppy classes at DBR/DHI.

We are extremely pleased and grateful for all the support and help we have received from this fine group of dog trainers and care providers. Wilson enjoys his overnight stays very much, and eventually Makeba will get to participate in these as well when we have to travel without them. It is such a pleasure and relief to have Dog Behavior and Dog House Inn at our disposal, and we truly enjoy the time spent with the staff there. Many fun days ahead! Thanks!

Haze and David Thompson, March 2014